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Traveling the world and going on a date in every country. Follow along for stories both entertaining and educational!

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Oh, London.
Connecting with a local during my first few days in a new place can completely change how the rest of my time goes, from getting recommendations to the opportunity for a second or third date depending on how strong the connection.

Date #1

Of Mummies and Men.
I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure how online dating would be in a Muslim country as this was a new experience for me especially during Ramadan.

Date #2

Date or Therapy Session?
Conversations with strangers, when you know you won’t see each other again, can be surprisingly intimate and quite vulnerable.

Date #3

Eid and Egypt
I realize that what I get on a date as a foreign woman is a very different experience than what a local girl would get, from the activities to the touching to the conversation itself. My experience is simply my own.

Date #2 Part 2

The Meet Cute
This second man has definitely caught my eye. He has a smoldering vibe. I’m talking Antonio Banderas meets Johnny Depp in Chocolat- ponytail, scruff and all.

Date #4

Lingerie and Late Nights
Have you even been with someone who is so affirming and sincere that you wonder how you could have ever been with past partners who made you feel less than?

Date #4 Part 2

Canyons and Chemistry
Kissing under a waterfall is something to be added to any and all bucket lists.

Date #4 Part 3

Stood Up In Cyprus
Being stood up is no fun and I reminded myself that this was not a reflection on me but on him.

The Date that Didn't Happen

Dessert and Double Headers
I do believe there’s something freeing about telling someone your secrets knowing that you won’t see them again.

Date #5

Fish Mousse and Marshmallows
We stayed a while, just enjoying each other company knowing but never mentioning that we would likely never see each other again.

Date #5 Part 2

Pigs and Paragliding.
The tree starts shaking as this giant chunk of wild bacon is clearly in need of a midnight snack.

Date #6

I Slept on a Bench.
I don’t like to believe the worst about people but I should have wised up sooner.

Date #7

Walks and Wedding Dresses
When there are so many matches and potential conversations, those that offer to meet up with a tangible plan seem the most promising.

Date #8

Toot Toot, Beep Beep!
While I wasn’t on fire, a modern take on stop, drop and roll seemed appropriate.

Date #8 Part 2

Wedding Crashing + Bucket Lists
This happens in the movies but do people actually do this in real life?

Date #9

Ferries and Fake Names
After our first date I could have never guessed how the rest of the week would go.

Date #9 Part 2

Parks and a Hail Mary
Kisses are like dates, I swear you don’t appreciate the good ones until you’ve had a REALLY BAD ONE.

Date #10

The Swiss-Suation
While the boy did not, Switzerland most definitely captured a piece of my heart.

Date #11

Here’s your reminder to drink the Mountain Juice.
I’ve found it a bit more challenging to read the interest of my dates as the cultural norms are not what I’m used to.

Date #12

A Gentleman of Verona.
My lips were still tingling from his kisses but I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the absolute romance that is Verona by night. Romeo and Juliet knew what was up.

Date #13

Bled and Beer
Despite it not being the case, there are still so many people who assume all dating apps are simply for hooking up.

Date #14

An Estonian in Slovenia
Who else loves when a date is going so well that they move from sitting opposite of you to sitting next to you?

Date #15

Serial Killer or No?
I’ve been asked if any of these dates have resulted in me falling in love and if so, would I stop traveling?

Date #16