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The Meet Cute

This second man has definitely caught my eye. He has a smoldering vibe. I’m talking Antonio Banderas meets Johnny Depp in Chocolat- ponytail, scruff and all.

Loni James
Loni James
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The Meet Cute
Amman, Jordan

A Date in Every Country: A Series
Date #4 - The Meet Cute
Location: Amman, Jordan
Nationality: American but lived in the Middle East for over a decade
Activity: non-nap
Time: 8 hours
Will see again? HELL YES.
Connected via: met organically

We all do it. We walk into a room, clocking the people as we enter - the couples, the potential singles and most definitely those of the attractive variety. I’ve freshly arrived in Jordan and I’m being shown around the place that I’m staying and decided to chill on the rooftop as I waited for my room to be ready. I scan the room as a group of travelers is usually quite eclectic in both personality and appearance. I start chatting with a few people that are just milling about and drinking tea. Two men are particularly chatty, one being quite young and the other whose age is somewhat closer to my own. This second man has definitely caught my eye. He has a smoldering vibe. I’m talking Antonio Banderas meets Johnny Depp in Chocolat- ponytail, scruff and all. The man is LOOOOOKING at me very intensely and I’m extremely aware of his presence. The conversation takes off and I join them at the table. Stories are being shared, the banter is on point and flirting has commenced. The man immediately breaks the touch barrier, grabbing my arm as he laughs and I can feel him staring at me even when someone else is talking. It’s palpable. Did I mention he’s gorgeous?!

The 3 of us chat and a few hours quickly pass. The conversation turned oddly vulnerable as they asked my story and I shared about my mother’s recent passing and the reasons I’ve chosen to travel the way I have. Apparently crying in public when you first meet isn’t a dealbreaker. We exchanged numbers and he sends me interesting podcasts that he brought up during our chat and I’m sending him a book I think he’d like. We all make plans to meet up that night. He and I will head to the bar first as the younger one will join us later in the night. I head to take a nap as it’s a travel day and I’m running on minimal sleep.

Texting ensues:

Him: Are you going to nap?
Me: I think so. Just for a bit.
Me: Unless I’m missing something fabulous and then you’d sure as hell better tell me.
Him: Nap with me on the second floor. I’m only gonna rest for a bit.


UMMMM did I want to?! Hell yes. Had I just met this man a few short hours ago? Also yes. I read that message and had an entire internal dialogue - “Was this smart? What if other people see me? Napping is definitely code right? Or are we really just gonna nap? It would be soooo nice to just be held (insert a sigh). Am I crazy for considering this? He probably does this all the time. So what, it’s just a nap. Or is it? Wait - I always say no to these things and I’m trying to be open and try new things. LIVE A LITTLE LONI!”

After my mini mental pep talk/panic I get the courage to reply:

Me: Someone wants to snuggle…..

(A pause as I look for my courage…)

Me: I’m bringing my pillow and you’d better not hog the bed.

HOLY SHIT. Best non-nap of my life.

It should be noted that there was no one else staying in that room. I’m not THAT bad lol. We talked a lot and also didn’t talk (insert a dramatic wink). His life story along with his intelligence is very intriguing. Our 1 hour nap turned into 4 and we were late heading to the bar. The conversation flowed seamlessly and we found that we have a lot in common.. I told him what I’m doing and he asked if he was messing up my plan because he isn’t Jordanian. I said no, as my goal was to learn about the culture and I’d still be able to learn from someone who had lived here long enough. I asked if he wanted to be Date #4 and he jumped at the chance and has offered to make me dinner when he moves into his new apartment in 2 days. Looks like I’ll be hanging around a few extra days...

Teaser: I stuck around and it turned out to be a VERRYYYY GOOD CHOICE. ;)

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Loni James

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