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Things I Love and Actually Use

This is my collection of recommendations - from travel and hiking gear to books and travel credit cards.

Things I Love and Actually Use
Trolltunga, Norway

I've been on the road full time since April of 2022 and I know what works for me. Let me know what's missing and I'll put new lists together! If you want detailed descriptions of what I pack and why be sure to scroll down. These posts contain referral or affiliate links so if you use my links to buy something I can earn a commission. This helps me continue writing and traveling so thank you!

Current Read: Always Another Country by Sisonke Msimang (South Africa)
5 Items I Won’t Travel Without
If I were to start this journey over again, I would repurchase these items EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I don’t travel without them and they’ve saved my ass more than a few times.
Gear List - Tech Edition
My Favorite Travel Credit Card
This is my non-exhaustive list of what I love about this card, how I actually use it and why this one in particular.